Farm Fresh

Is the Best!

From fresh meat and eggs, to chemical free produce, you will find the freshest variety at Cat Hollow Farm. Whether shopping for fresh herbs, or bacon and eggs, you'll get quality products to choose from at our local farm store. The best part is, everything is locally and responsibly grown, so you can enjoy our products knowing you’re supporting our family farm and community.
local raised meat
chickens in the pasture

Country Cooking

At Cat Hollow Farm

Country cooking tickles the tastebuds, and with the outstanding supply of organic produce, farm-raised meats, eggs, and all the other good things that come from the Cat Hollow Farm, we are confident that you will begin cooking delicious to a new and exotic level. Everything we sell has been grown right here on our own all-natural, organic farm. We hope you stop by and visit us soon!
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The Christopher Family

We Are Cat Hollow Farm

From our family to yours, Cat Hollow Farm is here to serve you. Our family is dedicated to providing the best quality products and old school customer service. We want you to enjoy your shopping experience and look forward to returning!


During the summer, I spend lots of time in the produce patch. With time, I've discovered that watching plants grow is very invigorating! Something else I enjoy doing is feeding the sheep and lambs.

Miss Katie

The animals we have on the farm are aways lots of fun to tend after. I enjoy spending time with the all the animals that roam on our wide-open farm, but perhaps my favorite are the snow-colored geese.


I love to see and hold the baby animals born on our farm. Come spring time, we have lots of little lambs frisking around the pasture, and if I have a few spare moments, I enjoy watching their playful antics.

farm raised chicken

That's Better Than Organic

We’re proud to offer our customers the very best quality chicken! Our Non-GMO, antibiotic/steroid free birds are "better than organic" because we use ZERO chemicals. Where the USDA allows a certain amount to be classified as "chemical free" we at Cat Hollow Farm have never used a thing!
Our delicious birds are mouthwatering and incredibly healthy, as they were intended, naturally.
  • Kentucky State Certified
  • 100% All-natural
  • Pasture Raised
  • Non-Gmo
  • Antibiotic Free
  • Hormone & Chemical Free
  • Steroid Free
  • KY Proud
  • Appalachian Proud
  • Raised & Processed Locally
pullets on the farm

Let's get in touch!

Contact us anytime to come by and see where your food actually comes from!
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Purchase our products at 3 locations:

154 Lawhorn Drive
Liberty, Kentucky 42539
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